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Fundraising stories

Fundraising stories

"Inspired by the success of my treatment and the fantastic research by the charity, I decided to become a volunteer"

Richard volunteered at various events and even appeared on the pitch at Selhurst Park with Geoff Thomas.

"Our coldest day was minus 47C"

After losing his younger sister to leukaemia, Kevin decided to walk to the South Pole.

"This is a big world, and a lot of it is broken. This is something we can fix."

After losing his teenage friend, Dom raised over £15,000. Now he wants to raise a million.

"We were totally unprepared for the attention the calendar was to receive."

Original Calendar Girl Angela tells her incredible fundraising story.

"Every day was a real highlight."

Simon Gibson and Olly Welsh became Team Danger Mouse for a Ramshackle banger rally.

"No one wanted to run a marathon and as we are party animals a ball seemed to be a much better idea!"

When her daughter was diagnosed with Leukaemia, Christine and family decided to hold a ball.

"My sister wouldn’t be here now if it wasn’t for all the research that has taken place."

David and his girlfriend Vikki Kemp drove a mini more than 6,500 miles to the arctic.

"We have both just retired and given my good progress we decided to go for it."

Peter Crane and his wife Mary completed a Coast-to-Coast cycle with a difference.

"The winning name for the Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research Dahlia was 'Susie'"

Prize-winning dahlia grower, Ken Stock decided to help us beat blood cancers by selling his dahlias!

"My mum was a very shy woman, but Susan's death changed her. She felt she could not lose her daughter and do nothing about it."

Sylvia's parents founded the very first fundraising group in 1960 after the death of her sister.

"I am delighted that with the help of all my friends and family we are able to give a little more."

Lesley was inspired to produce a fundraising cookbook, 'Easy entertaining, Simply served'.

"I wanted to give something back because without research I believe I would not be here."

Hazel started the Milton Keynes Fundraising Group when she went into remission for leukaemia.

"I was overwhelmed by the generosity and support of people in the village."

Helen set up a local group and Forget Me Not Walk following her successful treatment for leukaemia.

"I feel it is important to give something back to the charity that funds my research."

Elaine's research is funded by LLR, and she's keen to give something back by fundraising.

"Andrew loved everything about France: the food, the wine, the family way of life…"

Sarah wanted to remember her husband Andrew by organising a fundraising dinner with a difference.