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East London Textiles Ltd

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Royston Abernethy
Business Development Manager
020 7504 2230

Emily Hughes
Business Development Coordinator
020 7504 2239

Rowan Parkes
Account Manager - Wickes
020 7504 2290

Rachel Norris
Account Manager
020 7504 2232

Abigail Ritchie
Account Coordinator
020 7504 2216

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Corporate Fundraising
Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research
39 - 40 Eagle Street


East London Textiles Ltd


From January 2012 East London Textiles will be carrying out house to house collections on our behalf, dropping our branded collection bags in pre-agreed areas around the UK.

East London Textiles Ltd is a well established, professional company specialising in recycling and exporting used clothing and shoes. They are one of the largest textile recycling companies in the UK, and have over 30 years experience.

They work with Councils and local authorities to obtain the required permissions for all of their collection activities. All collection bags are labelled with our logo and acontact number for East London Textiles, and all collection drivers carry proof of identity.

Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research will receive at least £60,000 each year from this relationship, which is clearly stated on all collection bags.  The money raised will help us beat blood cancers.

The Director of East London Textiles, Darren Collins, has a relative with a blood cancer, and wanted to support Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research’s life-saving work by making a commercial commitment and forming a supportive business partnership.

Mr Collins said: “I’m pleased to be supporting Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research’s life-saving work in helping all people, young and old, to beat this terrible disease.”