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Tredegar House, Newport, South Wales. NP10 8YW
Sunday 21st September 2014

  • About


    The 34th Annual Vintage & Specialist Car Rally will take place at Tredegar House Newport on Sunday 21st September.

    Since its very small beginnings in 1980, the Vintage Rally has raised over £787,000 and in 2012 it helped the Gwent Branch of Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research to reach its target of raising £1million for the charity.

    Contact Us

    Bruce or Mandy Womack 01633 895145 or
    Roger or Imelda Wood 01633 891262.
    E-mail:  LeukaemiaRally@TredegarHouse.co.uk
    web address: www.TredegarHouseRally.co.uk

    Event details

    Date: Sunday, 21 September 2014
    Time: Starts at 10:30 am

    Adults: £8
    Senior Citizens: £7
    Children: £5
    Family Ticket: £20
    (2 adults & up to 4 children under 16)



    The 33rd Annual Vintage Car Tredegar House Rally was held on Sunday 15th September 2013.

    As the weekend approached, it became obvious that the weather for Sunday was going to be wet and windy.  Fortunately, Saturday was dry with sunny spells and between 9am and 10am we waved off 57 cars taking part in the 12th Classic Car Run. Nobody got lost (for very long) and everyone enjoyed the day exploring some of the less well known roads in South Wales and was welcomed back to Tredegar House for afternoon tea.

    On Sunday morning at 7.30am, we had a queue of cars waiting outside the park and a steady stream arrived from then onwards.  Approximately 900 of the exhibitors braved to weather to take part in the rally and we are so grateful to them for being willing to bring their precious vehicles on to a muddy field, so that we can raise money for Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research.

    At 9.30am, we opened the gates to the public and they came in their hundreds to see our displays.  There were plenty of umbrellas and wellingtons in evidence but nobody seemed to be put off by the rain.

    Unfortunately by 2.30pm, the rain was torrential and most of the drivers and the public were thinking that it was time to leave.

    Despite this, we were still able to raise £25,000 and we would like to thank all our loyal supporters who made this possible.  This brings the total amount raised by the Vintage Car Rally since our very small beginnings in 1980, to £787,000.


  • History

    The Gwent Branch of Leukaemia Research was founded in November 1979 by Mandy Womack after her son, Timothy, was diagnosed with Leukaemia at the age of 5.   Unfortunately Timothy died a year later.

    In 1980 a friend of one of the members suggested holding a Vintage Car Rally to raise funds. This was held in October 1980 and, despite the torrential rain on the day and the fact that we did not have much of an idea what a car rally was all about, we had 68 exhibits and raised £635. The following year, armed with a little more knowledge and help from a few of the exhibitors, we were able to raise £2,100. It still rained but there were dry spells in between the showers. We watched the number of exhibitors and the profit increase each year and we were delighted, in 1986, to make a profit of £10,000. Last year, because of the dreadful weather, we only raised £26,000, but in 2012 we raised £51,500 and our best year was 2010 when we raised £54,000. 

    Over the years we have suffered from many trials and tribulations. There have been postal strikes, the wettest weekend in Wales since records began and the fuel crisis to name but a few. However the Rally has gone from strength, we now anticipate in the region of 1,500 exhibits and over 10,000 visitors on the day.

    We are very pleased to be able to announce that the amount the Gwent Branch has raised since it was started in 1979 is over £1 million which includes the sum of nearly £787,000 raised by the Car Rally.



    If you'd like to get involved in the 34th Annual Vintage & Specialist Tredegar House Rally, please read the attached letter and complete the entry form and send to:

    Roger Wood

    18 Oakland Park Drive, Rhiwderin, Newport Gwent NP10 8RB

    Please note that entries will not be acknowledged until September 2014

    Contact Us

    Bruce or Mandy Womack 01633 895145 or
    Roger or Imelda Wood 01633 891262.
    E-mail:  LeukaemiaRally@TredegarHouse.co.uk
    web address: www.TredegarHouseRally.co.uk